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There is so much pressure from the food industries to produce food that tastes remarkable. But they often have little to no consideration for the detrimental effects these tasty foods may have on our health. Here at UFit Meals, food and nutrition are our passions which we incorporate into our lifestyles every day. Having received multiple degrees in nutrition from the University of Florida, we study food and its many properties. Our professions require us to stay up-to-date with the latest nutrition and what is ideal for the human body. You can trust us to deliver the healthiest ingredients with taste as an underlying principle. So, sign up today and experience the taste of health!

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Taste of Health Meal Plan

Incorporate your favorite foods for a well-balanced plan and lifestyle.

The Primal Meal Plan

Free of grains, soy, dairy and gluten, this plan is also diabetic friendly!

The Olympian Meal Plan

Consistent menu with little deviation from standard foods. The Olympian Meal Plan is utilized towards athletes and bodybuilders.

Personal Fit Meal Plan

Completely personalized to your needs: Weight Loss, Lean Muscle or Chronic Illness.

The Plant Based Meal Plan

Full of Nutrient dense foods that eliminate any forms of animal products.

U Fit Meals

Healthy Meals That Taste Great Delivered Directly To You

At UFit Meals, we create foods at the highest standard of health because we believe in providing well-balanced alternatives and supplemental foods for your daily diet. With such a focus on being busy individuals, we often lose sight of providing our bodies with the right kind of fuel for energy; healthy skin, nails and hair; and overall wellness. No matter your reason for choosing a healthy meal plan delivery service, we know you’ll find what you need here at UFit Meals.

Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Meal Plans Delivered

You don't have to be a bodybuilder to be aware that the types of food you eat can impact your body on a daily basis. Our team of dietitians, chefs and personal trainers work together to create culinary masterpieces that can be enjoyed at home. We use only fresh, Florida-grown ingredients from local farms and create each recipe ourselves. This gives us full control of how each ingredient is utilized — carbs, starches, sugars — for a more balanced way of eating. But this is no ordinary diet where you have to starve! Healthy eating means eating more of what your specific body needs and less of what it doesn’t. Get customized eating plans that work!