About CATI

Moving Toward A Healthy Lifestyle

Our Mission

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

This statement provides fundamental understanding of what food can be. With that in mind, our mission is to create foods in their most powerful and under-utilized forms to treat the body and taste extraordinary!

The U Fit Team

It's kind of a big deal when you have professionals who are the best at what they do work for you! Our licensed dietitian ensures that all of our meals are of the highest nutritional value. What does that mean? It means that every meal that touches your lips has gone through extensive review to ensure you are getting the highest nutritional value out of the product. As certified personal trainers, CATI has the ability to understand the demands that are placed on the body when exercise is incorporated into one's lifestyle. With that in mind, our wholesome meal plans aren't just of the highest nutritional value, but also serve a healthier and well-built body composition. And lastly, having the right chefs to create dishes that taste remarkable is what makes our dishes stand out from other prepared meal delivery companies.

Dietitians & Nutrition Specialists

You wouldn't trust just anyone with your buck, why should your health be any different? Our health is our most important asset. The dietitians at CATI are the best around having earned advanced degrees in Nutrition, Food Science, and Dietetics from the University of Florida. Involved in countless published health/nutrition studies, we are the absolute best healthy food delivery around! You can trust our delivery of prepared meals to be good for you — mind, body and soul.

Executive Chefs

Why has food become the complete opposite of what it was intended for — to heal and fuel the body? It has become one of the most destructive forms to our health. But why? Over the past century, the food industry has created food that tastes great, but has little to no nutritional value. CATI is setting a new standard for the food industry! The chefs at CATI are well educated in nutrition and communicate with our nutrition department to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to you.

Convenience of Healthy Meal Delivery

Our goal is to make your life easier and that means serving to meet your needs. Our products are delivered right to your door or are available for pickup at our convenient pickup locations. What we offer isn't just providing the healthiest and tasteful food, but time, money, and knowledge.

Nick Indellicati

Founder / CEO

Nick Indellicati, the CEO and Founder of CATI, started his journey at a young age into the health and food industry. He grew up immersed in the food industry by raising animals and harvesting plants. His family owned several nurseries and livestock farms where he spent most of his adolescent years. As a nutritionist, Nick attended the University of Florida where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science. During his schooling, he worked as a nutritional adviser and personal trainer to clients and was involved in several nutrition research studies at the University of Florida. Currently, Nick travels around the state of Florida lecturing on sports nutrition to health clubs and corporate companies. He enjoys spending most of his time exercising and taking on new challenges. He continues to study nutrition in his spare time and plans to further his education with a Ph. D. in sports nutrition.