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From Farm To UFit Kitchen ...

  •  Grass-Fed Beef
  •  Fresh Fruit and Vegeabltes from Local Produce
  •  Free-Range Poultry
  •  Wild and Alaskan Caught Seafood
  •  ServeSafe Certified Employees
  •  Nutrition Educated Culinary Team
  •  Zero to Limited Sodium
  •  Soy-Free
  •  Using Alternative Creative Approaches to Guarantee the Healthiest Product
  •  No Preservatives or Refined Products
  •  Hormone-Free and Antibiotic-Free Foods

Nothing But The Healthiest ...

  •  Rich Omega Content Foods
  •  Heart Healthy Meals
  •  Diabetic Friendly Meals
  •  Celiac Friendly Meals 
  •  Low in Saturated Fats, Healthy Cholesterol 
  •  Nutritional Facts Available On All Meals 
  •  Convenient Uploading Through Barcode Via MyFitnessPal
  •  Save Time and Money, and Get the Maximum Health Benefits Through CATI