Olympian Meal Plan

Total Control Over Macronutrients

Mediterranean flouder with baked potato fries and zucchini

Olympian Meal Plan

Delicious Meals That You Just Heat & Eat

Counting macronutrients has become a common way of eating in the bodybuilding community. The types of food we consume can affect the way we look and feel, so our Olympian Meal Plan allows you to choose which proteins, starches and vegetables you want. Each are individually weighed according to the men's and women's plans.

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Calories: 405 - 840

Protein: 54 - 82g

Carbohydrates: 42 - 72g

Total Fat: 3 - 25g


Calories: 220 - 416

Protein: 30 - 44g

Carbohydrates: 22 - 32g

Total Fat: 1 - 15g

*Seafood dishes are lower in calories, protein, carbs and fats.