Meal Plans

Healthy & Delicious Meal Plans

Taste of Health Meal Plan

Your Favorite Foods But Better

The Taste of Health Meal Plan takes foods that are close to your heart and prepares them with a healthy twist. This gourmet meal plan quenches cravings for your favorite foods while being ideal for a well-balanced lifestyle. Now you don't have to give up the foods you love to eat a healthy, sustainable diet.


Primal Meal Plan

Paleolithic & Loving It

The Primal Meal Plan turns back time to follow a traditional Paleolithic lifestyle and keeps you coming back for more. We incorporate lean proteins; fresh, fibrous vegetables; and fresh fruits and nuts to create a delicious way to trim down and tone up. This meal plan is free of grains, soy, dairy and gluten.


Olympian Meal Plan

Total Control Over Macronutrients

Counting macronutrients has become a common way of eating in the bodybuilding community. The types of food we consume can affect the way we look and feel, so our Olympian Meal Plan allows you to choose which proteins, starches and vegetables you want. Each are individually weighed according to the men's and women's plans.


Personal Fit Meal Plan

Weight Loss * Lean Muscle * Chronic Illness

No matter your battle, we have the ammunition your body craves. Our Personal Fit Meal Plan lets you take control of: your weight loss program, building lean muscle, or navigating a restrictive diet due to health concerns. We provide the food and supplemental materials you need to achieve your goals.


Plant Based Meal Plan

Plant Based Meal Plan

The plant based meal plan is similar to a vegetarian diet where it does not include meat, fish, and poultry. Going further, as in veganism, it doesn’t include such products as eggs, honey, and dairy. Our plant based meal plan goes one step further with the absence of soy. We provide fresh plant based meals that include essential nutrients, plant based complete proteins and zero processed ingredients.