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Gainesville, FL

Home of the Florida Gators and our Alma Mater, Gainesville is emerging as one of the health-conscious communities in the United States with a stream of health clubs and nutritional stores around every corner. CATI has partnered with many area clubs and stores to ensure Gainesville receives the most diverse and healthiest products available. We offer meal plan delivery and pickup to the Gainesville Area.


We understand that class life in Gainesville, FL can be overwhelming — after all, we are your fellow alumni — therefore we have developed a simple and straightforward approach to your health goals. Proper nutrition and eating the right portion sizes are essential to any student trying to get the most out of their cognitive functions. With the sudden impact of the gym scene, students can enjoy the effects of bodybuilding and gaining a healthy physique. Don’t allow your hectic schedule to limit the work you are putting into the gym. Don’t snack on junk food, but enjoy healthy and goal-oriented meals through our wholesome prepared meal plans.

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Tampa Bay, FL and Surrounding Areas

Athletes & Competitors

"Plan to succeed, succeed to plan" is exactly how residents of Tampa do it. No wonder it's named best city for those living an active lifestyle. With athletes competing in NPC, IFFB, and Special Olympics, the meals provided at CATI follow the necessary nutritional recommendations to guide every competitor to his or her goal. Our Olympian Meal Plan provides strict nutritional value for competitors like you.

Business Professionals

For those sitting at a desk all day and then experiencing bumper-to-bumper traffic, it can be difficult to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that we need to be proactive about eating healthy and taking part in an active lifestyle. This will translate into avoiding weight gain and providing an array of healthy meals that will supplement your lifestyle in every way. You'll find it's easy to eat well with our meal plan delivery system.

Meal Plans provided by CATI provide exceeding value, convenience and expertise. CATI is operated by accredited professionals in the areas of nutrition, food and exercise. Every ingredient used at CATI follow the highest standard of health.